it’s official.

my little sister is entirely too old and we need to scrunch her back down to baby size.

jk of course

yes, i have a little sister. I have a little brother too (he’s 25 now) along with 2 stepbrothers & a stepsister. my dad got remarried when i was like 8 so they’ve been in my life basically as long as i can remember.

and yes, my little sister is a senior this year, and I’m not entirely sure how i really feel about that. for one, it makes me feel extremely old. I was already 17 when she was born. oddly enough, she was born at the exact same time my mom was moving me up to Kentucky. I didn’t get to be around to watch her grow up except for the occasional photo I received from my dad, or the once or twice I got to go visit. I had watched my little brother grow up since i went to my dads every other weekend back then (i was 10 when he was born), so this was just… different.

I’m still not entirely sure how we ended up as close as we did, but I’m thankful for it. We may not be as close as most sisters are… and it bugs me all the time.. but to grow up 800 miles away and to be 17 years apart, i think our relationship is amazing for what it is.

i went to Texas in the summer to do ‘summer’ photos, and then went back in december to do ‘winter’ photos. because when your sister is a photographer, you deserve all the photo shoots you want. she probably would have 10 others if i didn’t live so far way (and have a full-time job, and a house, and a husband, and animals) and could actually go down there more often. i’ll have to add her summer photos soon since i totally forgot to do that!

We had our Dad drive us up the mountain so we could get a different scenery than normal, but when we got there – it was cold as HECK! We did these as quick and seamless as we could. Obviously it’s not a normal senior session, but it worked out

i love this girl more than i could ever explain, and i’m so excited to see where she goes from here!

PS – this MUST be said before i get cornflakes thrown at me. these images were taken at a national park up on a mountain that has a kids train track that runs around the place. the kids train was not in season during this, and the tracks are not big-live-train tracks at that. it was FREEZING and the wind was strong so the only spot we could go to get the freezing wind off was between this track and a wall. we started out on the other side of this track, and we toughed it out as long as we could. i would NEVER shoot on LIVE train tracks, and I suggest that anyone that is reading this NOT to either. They are dangerous and could seriously injure or kill someone. Please always be safe while shooting.

oh, and the icing on the cake? this horrible photo of me, but a great memory with my sister

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