I guess I should start this off by saying that I’m a pretty proud daughter of a Law Enforcement Officer. He’s an officer in my hometown in Texas and has been in law enforcement most of my life. I wasn’t ALWAYS a fan of what he does, and sometimes it still scares me, but I know he loves it and he’s good at what he does.

With that said, back in 2016, it really hit my heart whenever 5 officers were gunned down in Dallas. No motive except hate… hate for their uniforms, only. Someone else actually started the whole ‘free photos for police families’ and it struck a nerve to me. For one, because Dallas is only a couple of hours from my hometown. and for two, it’s a way I can give back.

So, every year in July, I offer LEO families an opportunity to have free sessions done. It’s my way of saying “thank you”

Some years I have a good response, and other years I don’t do any at all. and that’s totally okay. I’ll still continue to offer it simply because I love being able to do it.

Sooooo, this year, I had several. and I’m super excited to share some of these with you!

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