Meet Sheyanne…

Sheyanne is one of my senior collection seniors.. which means I get to spend the WHOLE YEAR capturing her story and I am HERE. FOR. IT.!

If you aren’t sure what my senior collection means.. it’s basically a collection of one regular session, plus 3 mini sessions that you can spread over the entire year. You can choose how you want to use your mini sessions – you can use them for a session every season… or maybe with family… or add in a significant other… or a fun session with all your best friends. You may wanna use them for special occasions such as your birthday or graduation. We can do them all close together, or you have until the August after you graduate to use them. What could be better than that!!?

Now, as for Sheyanne… we started her first session in downtown for a fun urban vibe, and then followed up with a gorgeous sunset and hillsides. Check it out 😉

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