if you read our ‘boots or bows’ post, you’ve already been introduced to this little nugget, but let’s re-introduce him! This is ODIE!

we decided to breed Otto, our golden doodle, back in September. his sweet puppies were born in November 2023. We went back and forth on whether to keep a puppy or just do a stud fee, but ultimately I decided I wanted one of his kids, SO we picked out the cutest one and brought him home! One of my biggest thoughts were that it would be good to go ahead and bring in a new ‘kid’ now so that Otto can start learning how to share us since it’s going to be a different world for him with a baby coming into the house in a few months!

Let me tell you….. Odie is SO much like his dad. They share SO many mannerisms and I absolutely love watching and noticing the similarities between the two of them. Otto hasn’t been the warmest, but he is starting to come around. I think it was more of a ‘I guess he isn’t going away, so I might as well play with him’ type of thing haha. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get annoyed with him A LOT. But, that was expected as Otto has been the only child for a LONG time and he’s 5 now.. and the puppy is.. a puppy.

with puppy teeth and all, haha.

I will say, Odie hasn’t been as easy to train like Otto was, but he’s getting there! I think part of it is just that we’ve also been distracted with everything else going on and I haven’t been working with him like I should be!

Otto and Bailey (Odie’s Mom) are SO sweet tempered, so I’m not surprised that this little bug is a doll-baby. he has been such a great addition to our little family and we love him so much!

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