You’ll notice a few changes in my images, but mostly I just took out a lot of the final matte look that I had been using. I want more of a crisp + clear look (with a slight matte) instead. It doesn’t change my editing style too much, but I’m in love with the route I’m taking. 

I also FINALLY created a new logo that I’m in LOVE with:

It still has a touch of my old one, so it’s not COMPLETELY changed, but it looks more like the journey I want to take. I’m going to continue to use the old one until I’m completely moved over to the new one. I’m also updating stuff on my website and it looks SO much better! One thing is that I’ve connected with another photographer in the area and we have decided to trade for content photos on a regular monthly basis. This will keep our head shots updated and allow us to represent our brand even as it continuously revolves! 

I’m SO excited!!

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