i’ve known zack for several years now… but the best thing to come from that was to meet jaclynn. somehow we founded a quick friendship that i believe will last a long time.

since zack knew me, jaclynn asked me to do some family photos for them. that was the first time i met jaclynn and her little girl.. and they were just the sweetest little family. from there, i ended up doing newborn photos, smash cake photos, engagement photos, christmas photos… and now, their wedding photos!!

talk about a lifelong friendship + client. i’m so blessed.

zack & jaclynn got married at the hitchin’ post in junction city, kentucky on August 1st. this is a very popular barn venue that i’ve attended a few weddings at… oh, and did i mention that it’s gorgeous?! i LOVED shooting here!

unfortunately, storms were brewing all around us which really put a damper on the portraits after the wedding, but we did what we could and ended up getting some gorgeous shots! but hey, rain on your wedding day is lucky, right?

it rained on my own wedding day, so i’m stickin’ with that saying for all my days. 🙂

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