Hometown: Paris, Texas

Yes, you read that right. I was born + raised in the small town of Paris, Texas. You’d think with a name like Paris, you’d probably think of Paris, France and the Eiffel Tower. You’d be right. However, not everyone can travel across the ocean, so worry no more – you can come straight down to my hometown and visit our very own eiffel tower (complete with a red cowboy hat!) 

and yes, before I go on, I am one of those weird kids that actually LOVE my hometown. It may be because I actually enjoyed my childhood there, plus I LOVE my family – and the majority of my family STILL lives there. So, it stays super near and dear to my heart. I can definitely say I’m pretty proud to be a Texan, and Paris will always be home in my heart, even if I no longer reside there. 

Things I LOVE (and miss) about Paris or Texas:

  1. Dr Pepper is actually sold everywhere (Kentucky didn’t get the hint for a WHILE)
  2. Fields as far as the eye can see make for amazing sunsets (No worries, Kentucky has gorgeous hills too!) 
  3. the Eiffel Tower with a red cowboy hat (duh.)
  4. Friendly People. Did you know we actually pull to the shoulder to let people pass!? and don’t forget to WAVE!
  5. Good Doughnuts. They have the best, hands down. Cause Texas knows how to fry food.
  6. Six Flags Over Texas (this is really a Texas thing, not Paris – but it’s the BEST)
  7. Better speed limits – you can drive 70 on backroads in Texas; in Kentucky it’s usually 45 or less. annoying.
  8. You can have any type of scenery you want. Beach, Grasslands, Hills, Desert, Fields & Farmland. You name it. Texas has it.
  9. Braums + Bluebell Ice Cream. if you haven’t had it, wellll you’re missing out.
  10. BETTER WEATHER. Seriously. I only enjoy summer in Kentucky – the rest of the seasons are awful and last FOREVER. I actually miss having a true fall and spring that LASTS longer than a couple of weeks. 

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