it’s official.

I’m a @thelightblonde ambassador!

I’ve loved this Christian brand for a LONG time, even though it took me FOREVER to actually buy anything. mainly because I’m a bargain hunger and I struggle to spend money.

In a way, that has changed more as I’ve grown my own business. I find it getting easier and easier to spend more money and support small, local businesses. I’ve learned to appreciate it SO much more, and therefore, I’m not as cheap as I use to be.

The owner of @thelightblonde is actually originally from my hometown, and I remember when she first opened her business. Since then, I’ve followed her but never bought anything until a year or two ago when I FINALLY grabbed a sweatshirt that I’d been itching to have… one that says ‘Let your light shine’ with my favorite verse on the sleeve – which, if you know me, my favorite saying is ‘Be The Light’ which comes from Matthew 5:16

Ummm, WHY did I wait so long?!

Her clothing not only has a GREAT message spreading our love for Jesus, but they are SO freaking comfortable. One sweatshirt and I was obsessed. Obviously, this brand isn’t for everyone – and that’s okay! While you will see me post about it on social media from time to time, my main focus will still always be my photography business so please don’t be afraid that you’ll be bombarded with sale posts, because I don’t plan on doing that to you! 🙂

IF you would like to purchase something from @thelightblonde and help your girl out, visit this link and ENJOY!:

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