Let me tell ya about these two.

First, if you didn’t know, I’m the pageant director for our local fair board.. and I knew Emily from when she did pageants several years ago. Second, if you also didn’t know, I always do free photos for police families in July. Ben is a law enforcement officer, so Emily contacted me back in 2017 to take some law enforcement photos that also doubled as engagement photos and a pregnancy announcement!

These two ended up just having a quick courthouse wedding after that and never actually got to have a big wedding. Fast forward 5 years, they now have two of the cutest little redheads ever and a very sweet life, but one thing that was always missing was some wedding photos of the two of them.

They’re one of my most loyal clients that I absolutely ADORE so you can probably understand my excitement when Emily asked if I’d take some photos of them in what would be their wedding attire on their anniversary. Um, of course! We ended up opting to go to my family’s farm to do them and it turned out perfect. I’m so happy for these two and the sweet little family that they have created! I’m so lucky to call these two my friends on top of clients!

Happy Anniversary, lovebirds! <3

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