surprise! LOL

soooo…. in October, we started looking at adopting a specific child (I’m not going to go into details on here for certain reasons; if you know – you know), but God definitely has a sense of humor and decided to give us a little more than what we had planned for.

I know everyone wants to know the rest of the story, so here ya go:

The night of Sunday, November 5th I could NOT sleep. My collar bone was stinging and itching and I thought it was a bad eczema flare up. Nothing I did was helping so on Monday morning, I decided to head to the clinic to see if I could get something for it.

The nurse took one look at it and said she felt like it was shingles. Ummm, what?! Yeah, apparently young people are coming down with shingles a lot more often since covid. Yay, right? Thankfully I didn’t have a bad case of it and it went away fairly quickly.. but back to the story….

She asked when my last period was and I told her which happened to be a few days late. So she made me do a pregnancy test before she’d give me steroids’ to treat the shingles. I seriously did NOT think I was pregnant. TWO different nurses asked me and I said NO WAY.

HAHAHAHAHA, jokes on me.

She came back with a piece of paper and said something along the lines of…. ‘I hope you wanted to get pregnant’

Ummmmm, no.

I think I sat there and stared at that piece of paper for what seemed like forever before I finally made the move to go home and tell my husband. I drove home in tears because pregnancy scared the crap out of me. Jonathan likes to tell everyone the next part: “she comes in and i could tell she had been crying and was like, we gotta talk.”

Hahaha, apparently I may have scared him a little bit with the way I delivered the news. But in my defense, I was still processing it myself.

I finally got calmed down enough to go to work, but we knew that we didn’t want to tell anyone yet. My mom was in Florida and I wanted to tell her in person, and I didn’t want anyone else to know way before her. We ended up deciding we’d tell our family at Christmas… and our friends right after.

Buuuut, I had to tell someone.

Jonathan knew I was gonna struggle not telling someone, so he told me I could tell my very best friend, Kourtniee. I had already planned to go to Texas for thanksgiving to see my new little nephew Rollan (isn’t he the cutest?! I love this kid so much already!).

So, while I was there, I told Kourtniee in person (she’s been waiting on this for YEARS). I had her husband Ryan take a ‘photo’ of us together, but it was really a video.. and I made a comment and pulled out my ultrasound. She had to look at it reallllly well to believe me, LOL. But, lemme tell ya, she’s crazy excited to finally get the godchild she’d been waiting for, haha.

But, it gave me someone to talk to for the next month until we could tell everyone else at Christmas.

Let me tell you – keeping this secret was HARD.

telling his best friend…

I had already told Kourtniee, so I told him that he could tell his best friend, Zach. We went to dinner with Zach & Taylor at a bar the Friday before Christmas (we had actually went and done bloodwork that morning, HAHA). We gave them fake lottery tickets to scratch while we were doing trivia… but, being the gambler, Zach knew they were fake. LOL He FINALLY scratched it off and then gave it to Taylor to read. She read it so straight forward “we’re having a baby” before realizing the words that she had just said…. “YOU’RE HAVING A BABY!??”

hahahaha. I really wish we had the whole thing on video, lol.

telling my inlaws….

Jonathan wanted to do something creative to tell everyone. I’ll be honest, there was a big part of me that was still freaking out and not ‘telling’ allowed me to ‘not believe’ haha, so I just wasn’t a lot of help. We ended up coming up with doing a puzzle. But, to make it not be obvious, we needed it to be a family photo.

His dad had gotten really sick right before Thanksgiving and had spent a couple of weeks at UK hospital. This allowed the whole ‘we really need updated family photos’ to be even more receptive to his family. We took the photos on a Sunday afternoon, and I photoshopped in our ultrasound from our 9 week appointment. We ordered a puzzle that allowed ONE puzzle piece to have the ultrasound on it.

On Christmas, when they opened it, his family started putting it together. Jonathan had already taken the one puzzle piece out so that they’d be like “there’s a piece missing!” When it happened just like we figured it would… Jonathan pulled it out and put it in. It look a few seconds, but then my sister in law was like, OH MY GOSHHHH and started jumping up and down. His mom spun the puzzle around to see what she was screaming about. We do have this on video and it was hilarious!

telling my mom…

We couldn’t do the puzzle thing with my family because it would be too obvious since we couldn’t do a family photo with my mom & doug being in Florida.

So, I bought a little ornament and Jonathan put a photo of our ultrasound in it. I also bought a onesie that said ‘PLOT TWIST’ and added the saying ‘you can stop asking now’ under it.

I wrapped it like a regular present and had her open it last. Funny enough, my stepdad had went all out and got her this jewelry she wanted. He thought he had won the best present award.

Boy, was he wrong. HAHA

When my mom opened it, she was soo confused (because of the possible adoption that we’ve been working on), but then caught on and was literally in SHOCK the rest of the day. LOL She just kept saying, this is the best day ever. LOL we also have this on video.


telling everyone else….

sadly, my dad is in Texas so I was only able to facetime him and tell him over the phone. He was still excited for us 🙂

i told my work that week before we headed to Gatlinburg to spend New Years with our other best friends.

Which is another great story in itself, haha.

Our first stop when we got to Pigeon Forge was at Junction 35 – a restaurant and moonshine tasting/distillery that I LOVE. They have the best bomb-pop moonshine that we had loved the year before. I knew my friends would wonder why I wasn’t doing the tasting, so I told Jonathan we had to tell them there or else they’d figure it out quick.

We ate lunch first and I didn’t order a drink. Not surprising to any of them, because I’m not a big drinker at all. Beth did order one drink and was like “shanna, you’d like this one!” and so I ‘faked’ a drink (the straws were black, LOL) and just acted like it was so good. HAHAHA.

At one point, Jonathan went to the bathroom and then went over to the moonshine tasting area (you couldn’t see that side of the restaurant from our table), and talked to one of the bartenders to “not serve me” and then to tell our friends “she’s pregnant”. Haha! You get a free tasting with a food receipt, so after lunch where did we head? Yep, straight over there.

She ran everyone’s license and when she got to me, she told me she couldn’t do it because my license had expired (i have no idea why she said that – ps it’s not) and that she couldn’t serve me because I was pregnant. My friends thought she was joking and were getting aggravated with her. She ‘counted’ the number of people and left me out, HAHA, and they all had these VERY sour faces on at that point. SOOOO I pulled out the ultrasound to show them.. and they were like, OMG ARE YOU KIDDING!??!?! and then flooded us with hugs.

Hahaha, that was great, lemme tell ya.

Sadly, I didn’t get my phone out quick enough to video by the time she was already going into it. But, we did get a photo 🙂

Anyways, it’s been a CRAZY couple of months holding the biggest secret ever, but we’re excited 🙂

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