First of all, let’s introduce the newest member to our family…

Meet Odie, Otto’s son.

back in September, we bred Otto with a friend’s goldendoodle… and the puppies were born November 17th! We went back and forth over what we wanted to do, but ultimately we chose to keep a puppy so that Otto has a playmate! I wanted Otto to start learning how to share us before we bring home a tiny human. Odie’s currently 10 weeks old (as of today, January 31st) and while he’s more of a cuddle-bug like his mom, he can also be a WILD child too. Haha. But, I already love him dearly. <3

I’ll have more photos of him soon, but right now, we’ll get back to finding out what this human baby I’m growing is…

Boots OR Bows ?

As you know if you read the last blog post, we did bloodwork at the doctor the Friday before Christmas. This included genetic testing and a gender test. We actually got the results emailed to us on January 1st, but Jonathan did NOT want us to open it. He wanted us to be just as surprised as everyone else.

So, obviously, I was READY to KNOW. So, I tried my hardest to have a gender reveal party with our family on January 7th. But, between weather and Jonathan not being able to get the things he wanted – we decided to ultimately put it off for two more weeks (the week after we had to go to Louisville for the fair) so we finally decided to do a small get-together on January 21st at his family’s farm.

Of course, we wanted to invite EVERYONE, but we knew there was no way we could accommodate everyone in such a small cabin so we had to keep the guest list super short. We promise that if you weren’t invited, it wasn’t because we didn’t want you there <3

We tried coming up with all different ways to do our reveal, but nothing really stood out. Everyone does the sports things, or the balloon pop (I did buy one just in case we had to use it). Jonathan had an idea to change the color of fire, so we got the ingredients that were needed to try it. The first test went awesome. Both colors were SO GOOD (although the pink was the best, haha!)

We knew the weather was going to be cold so we may possibly have to do it inside, so he went to the farm to try it out in the pellet stove. There, the blue was way better and the pink wasn’t so great. Our friends came down for the weekend to stay with us and we brainstormed on what we could do. He also tried it out in the big firepit outside, but again, the pink just wasn’t pinking. We had no idea which one it would be (although he kept claiming that I looked because it was on my phone, but I really DID NOT).

We already had Odie and we’re obsessed with Otto, so our friends mentioned using the puppies if the fire wasn’t going to work. They suggested tying balloons to them and letting them run out. So, when we were blowing up balloons that Sunday morning, we blew up a set of each color for each dog and tied them to their collars.

We still wanted to do the fire, but we knew we couldn’t do both in case the color didn’t show up, so we decided to FAKE the fire. Jonathan mixed up blue AND pink ingredients for us to throw in the fire, and we had everyone come out to watch. Of course, the blue showed up and I had to ‘claim’ that I saw pink, even though everyone was pointing out the blue.


Now, Jonathan REALLLLLLY wanted a boy. I, obviously, really wanted a girl. But, I had already decided that the Lord would send us exactly what our family needed and I was going to be excited for either!

I was trying to be careful not to jinx anything, but Jonathan wasn’t. Hahaha. He even told our friends “we hope you can come to our BOY reveal” lol

I honestly figured it was a boy.

I knew what was going to happen. We had asked Jeremy to cut the wrong color off the collars and send the dogs out with the right one. I kept waiting for them to come, lol. I ended up looking over and seeing Otto jump on the door and I saw the color of the balloons and just started SCREAMING.

Everyone was like, what the heck is it?!? So they went to open the door…and out came my puppies with PINK BALLOONS!!!


So, it looks like we’re gaining a little girl in the family in July 🙂

PS – the video is on facebook if you wanna see it 🙂

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